approach to science in a sentence

"approach to science" in Chinese  
  1. The museum employs a hands-on, inquiry-based learning approach to science, math and art.
  2. In contrast, Invention Studio takes a more visual approach to science.
  3. A multifaceted approach to science keeps students engaged and learning.
  4. He believed that through freely chosen phenomenological approach to science.
  5. He was able to apply his approach to science to everyday life as well.
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  7. The program takes the same straightforward, explanatory approach to science.
  8. This project uses transdisciplinary approaches to science and arts in aesthetic inquiry into sustainability issues.
  9. The agency's current approach to science developed haphazardly out of political events of the 1980s.
  10. Kids will enjoy OMSI's hands-on approach to science.
  11. The writer uses a personal approach to science, traveling with a friend through time and space.
  12. For these reasons I am cynical about Dr . Menzel and his approach to science ."
  13. Imagine that kind of approach to science.
  14. He compared her to Cave Johnson, who has a similar " comically sociopathic approach to science ".
  15. She emphasizes her conception  next to subject-related aspects  of an innovating approach to science-policy issues.
  16. Barner's students love his approach to science.
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