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  1. The first key is an uninhibited approach to power.
  2. Divide and conquer was her approach to power politics.
  3. That approach to power plants would materially increase pollution and decrease public safety.
  4. McKenzie's very feminine approach to power was on display at the convention.
  5. The utility says a balanced approach to power generation will help ensure affordable, reliable sources of power.
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  7. Moreover, even some Russians argue that the Bush administration's no-nonsense approach to power has its benefits.
  8. Many here fear that Kabila's treatment of Miba's wealth may be indicative of his broader approach to power.
  9. But he said that the administration took a laissez-faire approach to power markets for too long, worsening the blow to California's economy.
  10. Touching indirectly on the topic, Trittin told delegates Friday that the Greens must modernize their approach to power now that they will no longer be an opposition party.
  11. During this period he came across the Development Focused End Use Oriented ( DEFENDUS ) approach to power sector planning developed by Prof . Amulya Kumar N . Reddy.
  12. The Lakers'committee approach to power forward should be enough when factored with the expected maturity of Shaquille O'Neal, Eddie Jones and Kobe ` Jumpingbean"
  13. It suggests a new approach to power  one that emphasizes power based on the recognition of rights and on the empowerment of the individual as well as the community.
  14. The Sch鰊au Power Supply uses a decentralized approach to power generation, and makes use of renewable energy sources, including solar, hydroelectric, wind power, and biomass.
  15. His general approach to power and politics is looking at the relationship between the state and its subjects, or the more subtle ways in which power percolates through everyday practice.
  16. Even in the event that STs do not lead to lower cost approaches to power generation, they are still lower cost in general; this makes them attractive devices for studying plasma physics, or as high-energy neutron sources.
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