approach to life in a sentence

"approach to life" in Chinese  
  1. I've got a very unfiltered approach to life and golf right now,"
  2. RN : The news informed my approach to life, in a way.
  3. There is a duality to my approach to life, you might say,
  4. But there was still a disturbing aimlessness in his approach to life.
  5. Both intersect in his approach to life : plan, organize and execute.
  6. It's difficult to find approach to life in a sentence.
  7. A hibiscus print hanging from broad shoulders reflects a relaxed approach to life.
  8. There are many examples of Thad Steele's peculiar approach to life.
  9. You have jeans and stuff, it's a different approach to life.
  10. Miller said of his friend's approach to life in the city.
  11. But it's obvious they have a different approach to life than I do.
  12. Could this type of approach to life stand in the way of miracles?
  13. Nargile smokers have a much more balanced approach to life than cigarette smokers.
  14. Such an approach to life and death is acceptable to most religious groups.
  15. Instead, David finds himself intrigued by Diego's theatrical approach to life.
  16. Carrington is attracted to his coldness, which suits her virginal approach to life.
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