approach to learning in a sentence

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  1. The College continues an Augustinian approach to learning among its students.
  2. The curriculum document The new program supports holistic approach to learning.
  3. Nevertheless, the book contained a good, methodical approach to learning breaststroke.
  4. The mastery approach to learning manifests itself in TPR Storytelling in many ways.
  5. The academic program uses a Performance-Based Mastery Learning approach to learning.
  6. It's difficult to find approach to learning in a sentence.
  7. The approach to learning is participatory, interdisciplinary, collaborative, and dialogical.
  8. A comprehension-based approach to learning and understanding.
  9. Where can I find information on non-American approaches to learning mathematics?
  10. The Montessori program provides an interdisciplinary, discovery-based approach to learning.
  11. Students hope other classes won't miss out on this approach to learning.
  12. What the two San Franciscans are proposing is simply a myopic approach to learning.
  13. It offers a multimedia approach to learning, combining sounds, pictures and text.
  14. She is a leading proponent of cultural approaches to learning, development and psychotherapy.
  15. The programme takes a constructivist approach to learning.
  16. This is an approach to learning that strictly depends on learning, without other influences.
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