approach the shore in a sentence

"approach the shore" in Chinese  
  1. Yl鰊en enters a shack as a sand-storm approaches the shore.
  2. Merchant ships anchored several miles offshore, where passengers and cargo transshipped to shallow-draft vessels that approach the shore.
  3. As the ship approaches the shore, Smilla leaves the ship following the mechanic's instructions and makes her way across the frozen landscape.
  4. The troops would be supported as they landed by twelve schooners, each mounting one or more heavy cannon, which could approach the shore closely.
  5. Being so large, the " Great Eastern " could not approach the shore closely, so a smaller ship took aboard the shore end to make the connection to the cable station.
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  7. Undaunted, the next ship approaches the shore, and the moment comes towards which the entire book was leading and from which its title was drawn : " A flag unfurls to the breeze.
  8. And a new obstacle was waiting on the shore : the precipice in height of 4 sazhens, which was extended by shallow and this shallow did not allow the ship to approach the shore.
  9. After numerous extraordinarily brave but completely futile attempts to approach the shore to support the nationalist defenders on land which resulted in one gunboat sunk, one destroyer, two large patrol craft two nationalist hands.
  10. They were used in Europe during the 18th century, particularly in the Baltic Sea during the Great Northern War and Napoleonic Wars, as the pram's shallow draught allowed it to approach the shore.
  11. The latter, that tend to swim countercurrent, move searching for food along these channels-that can be compared in some way to our roads in a map-and approach the shore as long as the conditions allow the marine food chain to last.
  12. In his 2012 book " The Human Shore : Seacoasts in History, " he begins with the first humans to approach the shore, tracing coastal migrations around the world, and discussing the ways that coasts and coastal people have figured in globalization over several centuries.
  13. On 4 February, " Tunny " set her course for junks plying the Formosa and Swatow banks at all hours added to the hazards imposed by shallow water, and an inoperable fathometer ( depthmeter ) made it impossible for " Tunny " to approach the shore closer than six miles ( 10 km ).
  14. Ranade was in the forefront facing all the challenges that came his way : to establish scientifically that the Rock was structurally sound and could support such a huge structure on it; the logistics of quarrying and transporting large blocks of stone from great distances, and from the shore to the Rock; provision of water and power supplies; the growing demand for skilled artisans, craftsmen, and labor; building of jetty platforms on the rock and the shore ( the pedestrian footbridge idea to the Rock was dropped ); the de-silting around the jetty platform areas to enable bigger crafts to approach the shore, and so on.

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