approach the net in a sentence

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  1. "She doesn't allow me to play my game, to approach the net.
  2. Some students approach the Net looking for shortcuts, not research.
  3. Lori takes every chance she can to approach the net.
  4. Only Chang would try to approach the net behind a forehand deep into the corner.
  5. The change of pace from the baseline players who rarely approach the net pleased tournament director Patrice Clerc.
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  7. The fifth-seeded Ginepri had trouble with his first serve, which allowed Saulnier to approach the net more often.
  8. In all, the German would approach the net 90 times, winning the point on 72 percent of those occasions.
  9. Burgsmueller continued to approach the net in the second set but too many of his returns landed beyond the baseline.
  10. In the final game Santoro tried to cut short the points by approach the net when he was up 40-15.
  11. "I didn't approach the net because the key to the victory was in holding Korda on the baseline, " he said.
  12. But neither he nor the McCourts nor I approach the net worth of Microsoft's Bill Gates, a mere stripling at 43.
  13. Then he began to heed the advice of his coach, Alvaro Betancur, who insisted that he approach the net when it matters.
  14. And when faced with a break point, he saved them all without having to approach the net, furnishing two aces and an unreturnable serve.
  15. And that played into the Italians'strengths, producing long baseline rallies that made it harder for Martin to approach the net and sapping some of Gambill's strong serves.
  16. Although he is known primarily as a baseliner, Hewitt is a skilled lob, a shot that he executes efficiently off both wings when his opponent approaches the net.
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