approach the ball in a sentence

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  1. It is good to approach the ball at around 30 degrees.
  2. The line of the ball defines rules for players to approach the ball safely.
  3. Conventional kickers simply take three steps back and approach the ball from the front.
  4. As players approach the ball, they ride on either side of the line of the ball giving each access to the ball.
  5. In the straight on style, also known as " straight-toe " style, the kicker approaches the ball from directly behind, rather than from the side, and strikes the ball with the toe.
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  7. His routine before every shot is the same-- a little bouncing on the line as the opponent slowly approaches the ball, waiting, waiting, waiting until the last possible moment to tap it away.
  8. He devised a simple plot line in which the two lamps would play a game of catch with an inflated ball; Luxo Jr . would then approach the ball, hop onto it, bounce until he ball popped under him, and show dejection as the parent lamp looked on.
  9. This second rule was introduced in the early stages of the second season and is called the " Benedetto Amendment " after player David Benedetto, when he deliberately placed two balls immediately on his opponents'side of the court, forcing the opponents-in compliance with the above-stated five-second-rule-to approach the balls, allowing Benedetto to hit them at point blank range, a tactic which was deemed unfair by the show's producers.

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