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  1. Considerable use is made of continuous descent approach techniques to minimise the environmental effects of incoming aircraft, particularly at night.
  2. Supervisors should consider the experience level of their subordinates and determine specifically how the interrogator intends to apply the approach technique before approving the interrogation plan.
  3. The inspector general's see-no-evil team simply said it couldn't find those " approach techniques " in the Army field manual.
  4. This appears to be an earlier and modern application of the catheter because this catheter approach technique is still performed by neurosurgeons, cardiologists, and cardiothoracic surgeons.
  5. The report said the potential for abuse increased when interrogations were conducted in " an emotionally charged environment by untrained personnel who are unfamiliar with the approved interrogation approach techniques . " A major finding of the report was that the military suffers from a shortage of experienced interrogators and interpreters.
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