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  1. Ormond plays the title role with a slight increase in earthiness and applied intelligence.
  2. John Viega is Executive Vice President, Products and Engineering at BAE Systems Applied Intelligence.
  3. The three leading dictation products are made by Dragon Systems, IBM and Kurzweil Applied Intelligence.
  4. In the year of 2009, the company acquired Prescient Applied Intelligence to form " The New " Park City Group.
  5. Revenues are reportedly in excess of $ 20 million, about twice the size of its major rival, Kurzweil Applied Intelligence.
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  7. In 2011 it was acquired by BAE Systems and merged into their subsidiary Detica ( now BAE Systems Applied Intelligence ).
  8. Shares of Waltham-based Kurzweil Applied Intelligence Inc ., a maker of automated speech recognition systems, rose 2 1 / 2 to 5.
  9. In August 2014, the company announced the appointment of Martin Sutherland ( formerly of BAE Systems Applied Intelligence ) as Chief Executive Officer.
  10. "' Marconi Research Centre "'is the former name of the current "'BAE Systems Applied Intelligence Laboratories "'facility at Great Baddow in Essex, United Kingdom.
  11. Concurrent with Kurzweil Music Systems, Kurzweil created the company Kurzweil Applied Intelligence ( KAI ) to develop computer speech recognition systems for commercial use.
  12. Three former executives of Kurzweil Applied Intelligence Inc . have been accused of misleading investorsby fraudulently inflating revenues and hiding their scheme from auditors.
  13. Kurzweil Applied Intelligence Inc . of Waltham, Mass ., a Dragon rival, questioned why Dragon would announce a product before it was fully tested.
  14. In 1990 when this book was published he had already started three companies : Kurzweil Computer Products, Kurzweil Music Systems, and Kurzweil Applied Intelligence.
  15. But the typical brain can " parallel process " 20 million billion calculations a second, according to Raymond Kurzweil, founder of Kurzweil Applied Intelligence.
  16. Kurzweil Applied Intelligence Inc ., a developer of voice-recognition systems for computers, became mired in scandal after it began taking liberties with revenues in 1991.
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