application for in a sentence

"application for" in Chinese  
  1. After sentencing Judge John Foxcroft denied an application for an appeal.
  2. Prescribe procedures in connection with application for the grant of licences.
  3. The state has received more than 70 applications for six positions.
  4. His wife could put away the application for the Secret Service.
  5. There are lots of interesting applications for pinpointing anything on earth,
  6. It's difficult to find application for in a sentence.
  7. The MBA has surveyed mortgage lenders about applications for five years.
  8. Applications for registration have been granted in Kenya and Sri Lanka.
  9. Both standards allow software development to create applications for CTI platform.
  10. Applications for those initial five will be taken beginning next Monday.
  11. One was making application for two friends at the same time.
  12. But the labs also find practical applications for newly developed technology.
  13. But applications for building permits suggested the decline may be ending.
  14. Strassberger said the 2 million documents also include applications for benefits.
  15. Applications for the summer 2005 season are due in January 2005.
  16. Applications for the other courses are being accepted until April 30.
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