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  1. From there, applets can be plucked by Internet users anywhere.
  2. You must navigate the help applet to get a clear answer.
  3. Others are Java applets that get forced down into your computer.
  4. Hackers can still find ways to produce malicious applets using Java.
  5. Hello "'applet and creates an for the applet.
  6. It's difficult to find applet in a sentence.
  7. Hello "'applet and creates an for the applet.
  8. I need to know how do do keyboard input in applets.
  9. The applet is basically a simplified version of a minesweeper game.
  10. HTML page may embed parameters that are passed to the applet.
  11. One applet sent lovely blue raindrops streaking across my screen.
  12. The more sophisticated the applet, the longer the delay.
  13. JARS judges rate Java applets and Java-based sites.
  14. Java programs delivered via the Web are usually referred to as applets.
  15. For Java, those bugs are called black widow applets.
  16. Unfortunately, these applets have the ability to run any other programs.
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