apples to apples in a sentence

  1. When looking for a club, compare apples to apples.
  2. We're just not comparing apples to apples here ."
  3. First Call is comparing apples to apples, and that is probably better.
  4. It's like comparing apples to apples.
  5. "You have to compare apples to apples, " he said.
  6. It's difficult to find apples to apples in a sentence.
  7. I just want to make sure I'm comparing apples to apples here.
  8. Just remember to do apples to apples.
  9. "In reality, you're not comparing apples to apples,"
  10. "The best way is to compare apples to apples, " he says.
  11. He may be the best modern closer, but you have to compare apples to apples.
  12. Why not compare apples to apples?
  13. It's less comparing apples to apples than it is comparing apples to suspension bridges.
  14. A : Well, you've got a problem of people not comparing apples to apples.
  15. "It's very important to compare apples to apples, " he said.
  16. Comparing him to what happens to other catchers just isn't apples to apples ."
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