apples of discord in a sentence

"apples of discord" in Chinese  
  1. Macs?soon become apple of discord between the Kingdom of Hungary and the Kingdom of Serbia.
  2. The British colony of Cyprus became the " apple of discord " in Greco-Turkish relations.
  3. _" Bible legend states that the trouble started after Eve ate the Golden Apple of Discord.
  4. On one side of the Sacred Chao is a pentagon and on the other depicts the golden Apple of Discord.
  5. Among them are the Apple of Discord, Atlantis, David and Goliath, the Olympian Gods, and Prometheus.
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  7. However, I think that the issue of slavery became the apple of discord / bone of contention before the civil war.
  8. Throwing a nugget among a trio of squabbling thieves, he's like the evil goddess Eris with the apple of discord.
  9. "The Golden Apple " refers to the Golden apple of discord, from the black flag, and as an emblem on a uniform.
  10. He not only ended the primacy of his house, but also prepared the country to be the apple of discord cast to the nations of the West.
  11. Not since the troublemaking goddess Eris threw the apple of discord into an Olympian banquet has anyone been able to create as much conflict as fast as our Bill.
  12. In revenge, Eris makes a golden Apple of Discord inscribed " kallisti " ( " to the fairest one " ), which she throws among the goddesses.
  13. The dangle is a tempter, much like the serpent in the Garden of Eden, offering an apple of discord to the spy agency that welcomes and trusts the walk-in.
  14. During the feast, Eris, in revenge for not being invited, produced the Apple of Discord, which started the quarrel that led to the Judgement of Paris and eventually to the Trojan War.
  15. The god Mercury descends from the sky with the golden apple of Discord and asks the shepherd Paris to award it to whichever of the three goddesses-Juno, Pallas and Venus-he finds most worthy.
  16. The words " illa " and " mansana " both provide a golden Apple of Discord in the Judgment of Paris, a Greek myth in which three goddesses participate in a competition to determine which of them is the fairest.
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