apples and bananas in a sentence

  1. "Like apples and bananas, " said Stern.
  2. Plus, Meg is always handing out apples and bananas.
  3. Just curious how fruits like apples and bananas get " bruised "?
  4. The player is given apples and bananas at the start.
  5. Everywhere, there are rows of vendors selling oranges and apples and bananas.
  6. It's difficult to find apples and bananas in a sentence.
  7. It's the same with apples and bananas.
  8. But this is politics, not apples and bananas.
  9. Those tiny stickers on apples and bananas are being used to promote forthcoming movies.
  10. She gets fed the whole time and she loves her food _ apples and bananas.
  11. They also will get apples and bananas.
  12. The assortment of Lego food pieces in the grocery includes carrots, apples and bananas.
  13. Wen Xiaoli, 29, said as she shopped for apples and bananas at an outdoor market one evening.
  14. Porterhouse steaks, cheeses, eggs, apples and bananas are displayed in fruit crates and on white shelves.
  15. They passed stalls brimming with oranges, apples and bananas and hung with chunks of chicken, beef and lamb.
  16. Inside the container, the immigrants were supplied with bottled water, crackers, instant noodles, apples and bananas.
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