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  1. Dennis L . Winger, Applera, $ 12.6 million
  2. White says he has no interest in retiring from Applera.
  3. Celera and Applied are majority owned by Applera Corp.
  4. The combined Applera then had 5, 000 employees.
  5. My first question : " What the heck is an Applera ?"
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  7. In 2000 the parent became Applera Corporation.
  8. The effort will encompass other units of Applera Corp ., Celera's parent company.
  9. Applera now lacks stock of its own but has two tracking stocks, Celera and Applied Biosystems.
  10. Applera collaborated with General Electric, Abbott Laboratories, Seattle Genetics, and Merck in diagnostics development.
  11. Applera CEO Tony L . White had noted earlier that the database business would distract from pharmaceutical development.
  12. Rather, it will be a tool that Applera and others can use to try to discover such information.
  13. But it is not a big enough business to satisfy Applera and is not valued very highly by investors.
  14. In the process, Perkin-Elmer divided and transformed itself into Applera, a company entirely focused in life sciences.
  15. White said the board of Applera _ the name is a combination of Applied Biosystems and Celera _ is not partial to either subsidiary.
  16. Applied Bio, a subsidiary of Applera Corp ., made the big sequencers used by its sister company, Celera Genomics, to unravel the human genome.
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