applera corp in a sentence

  1. Celera and Applied are majority owned by Applera Corp.
  2. The effort will encompass other units of Applera Corp ., Celera's parent company.
  3. Applied Bio, a subsidiary of Applera Corp ., made the big sequencers used by its sister company, Celera Genomics, to unravel the human genome.
  4. The announcements are the latest in a series of strategic shifts and reversals for Celera, which, like Applied Biosystems, is a unit of Applera Corp.
  5. Applied Biosystems, a subsidiary of the Applera Corp ., said in a statement on Monday that Hunkapiller, 55, had decided to retire effective immediately.
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  7. Celera is still interested in other acquisitions to expand its capabilities, said Tony White, the chief executive of Applera Corp ., Celera's parent company.
  8. The federally funded Human Genome Project and Celera Genomics, a unit of Applera Corp . of Norwalk, Conn ., announced the results in February, to great acclaim.
  9. "Celera is continuing its evolution to become a biopharmaceutical discovery business, " said Tony L . White, CEO of Celera's parent company Applera Corp.
  10. Working with a sister unit in the Applera Corp ., Applied Biosystems, which makes gene sequencers, Celera will analyze DNA samples from the mitochondria, the energy-producing bodies in cells.
  11. Celera, a unit of Connecticut's Applera Corp ., and Science agreed to make the data freely available to academic researchers provided they register and agree not to pass the data on to competing database companies.
  12. "The group ( Celera ) embarked aggressively on its next phase by implementing new technology platforms which are critical to its internal discovery efforts, " said Tony L . White, CEO of Celera's parent company Applera Corp.
  13. Applied Biosystems, a unit of Applera Corp . of Norwalk, Conn ., will pay undisclosed royalties and licensing fees to Northeastern to use Northeastern's vacuum deposition interface, developed at the school's Barnett Institute of Chemical and Biological Analysis.
  14. Last month, Venter resigned abruptly from Celera under pressure from White, the chief executive of Celera's parent, the Applera Corp . White is now acting president of Celera, on a mission to transform it from a vendor of genetic information to a pharmaceutical company.
  15. "We're now trying to aggressively move to the next phase of Celera's life, which is to get us deeply involved in the development of our own proprietary discoveries, " said Tony White, CEO of Celera's parent company Applera Corp.
  16. "Craig and I for some time have been talking about what he wanted to do and what he was good at and what we need to do here, " said Tony L . White, the chairman and chief executive of Applera Corp ., which is Celera's parent company.
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