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  1. Hilary Applequist, 24, said she would rather shop at CB2 than at Pottery Barn, which she said is for more established homeowners.
  2. "That's not a place you'd shop for your first apartment, " said Applequist, a nursing student.
  3. He was the author of  Introduction to Organic Chemistry ( with Douglas Applequist and Kenneth L . Rinehart ) and  Exercises in Organic Spectroscopy with Robert H . Shapiro.
  4. "Americans increasingly want to know what benefit they're going to get from a supplement, " said Wendy Applequist, who conducts international research on medicinal plants for the Missouri Botanical Garden in St . Louis.
  5. The seventeen of the eighteen survivors were John Ormond-passenger; W . C . Sargent-Chief Officer; William Marshall-quarter-master; George Maber-engineer; George Strickland-chief steward; John Sutton Palmer-second steward; Charles White-boatswain's mate; David Hariot-sailmaker; James North-carpenter; Knight Stevens, Charles Applequist, John Hargett, Charles Smith, David Payne, John Bullin, Richard Breton-seamen; Richard Herdman-butcher.
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