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  1. Apperception theory applied equally for general psychology and cultural psychology.
  2. Apperception played a key role in Herbart s educational theory.
  3. He wanted to know how apperception and thinking were related to language.
  4. Examples of such tests include the Rorschach test and the Thematic Apperception Test.
  5. Apperception exhibits a range of theoretical assumptions on the integrative process of consciousness.
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  7. And " all subjectivity with all reflection expires in the spontaneity of apperception.
  8. Apperception is Wundt's central theoretical concept.
  9. Immanuel Kant distinguished transcendental apperception from empirical apperception.
  10. Immanuel Kant distinguished transcendental apperception from empirical apperception.
  11. Philosopher Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz introduced the concept of apperception to this philosophical approach to attention.
  12. In December 2008 he released an exclusive fans-only new album, Metacognitive Apperceptions.
  13. On the Thematic Apperception Test, Yates was asked to tell stories about cards depicting scenes.
  14. According to Kant, the transcendental ego the " Transcendental Unity of Apperception "  is similarly unknowable.
  15. He thus emphasizes in apperception the connection with the self as resulting from the sum of antecedent experience.
  16. Wundt shaped the term apperception, introduced by Leibniz, into an experimental psychologically based apperception psychology that included neuropsychological modelling.
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