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  1. It puts in place the apparatus for an eventual government takeover.
  2. The Algerian military government's security apparatus has increased considerably.
  3. It will also use a NASA apparatus to study solar wind.
  4. They also will work on an apparatus called a force platform.
  5. Walled up with their unlikely apparatus, they stare us down.
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  7. They have laid the groundwork for the apparatus to be delivered.
  8. No investigative apparatus has the resources to cover all the avenues.
  9. From there he moved steadily forward in the Communist party apparatus.
  10. From there he moved steadily forward in the Communist Party apparatus.
  11. DiMaggio's breathing now is aided by an oxygen apparatus.
  12. A huge apparatus has been built to keep the pace up.
  13. Today he can read for brief periods with a magnifying apparatus.
  14. His traditional fund-raising apparatus is kicking in as well.
  15. Every other sport has some kind of apparatus to run it.
  16. Her proboscis, a tiny needle-like apparatus, extends.
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