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  1. Proplastids are commonly found in an adult plant's apical meristems.
  2. Apical meristems are the completely undifferentiated ( indeterminate ) meristems in a plant.
  3. Like the apical meristem, axillary buds can develop into a stem or flower.
  4. It is produced in the apical meristem and transported towards the roots in the cambium.
  5. The opening of axillary buds and subsequent shoot growth is stimulated by removing the apical meristem.
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  7. Apical dominance occurs because the shoot apical meristem produces auxin which prevents axillary buds from growing.
  8. The intercellular hyphae become established in the apical meristem and are maintained systemically within the plant.
  9. :: The key to trimmability is whether apical meristem tissue remains in the untrimmed part.
  10. Shoot apical meristem gives rise to flowers and leaves while root apical meristem grows into roots.
  11. Shoot apical meristem gives rise to flowers and leaves while root apical meristem grows into roots.
  12. More simply stated, lateral bud formation is inhibited by the shoot apical meristem ( SAM ).
  13. In the shoot, the shoot apical meristems regularly produce new lateral organs ( callus ."
  14. In contrast to vegetative apical meristems and some exflorescence meristems, floral meristems cannot continue to grow indefinitely.
  15. This indicates that the apical meristem is dead and there will be no new leaf production or growth.
  16. The center of the stem, which contains the growing point ( the apical meristem ), is sunken.
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