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  1. Alexander then faced the Assakenoi, who fought in the strongholds of Massaga, Ora and Aornos.
  2. Bannu is the homeland of Mahmykr + , and mentioned as Aornos in the 4th century passages of Alexander the Great.
  3. In 1854 British frontier officer General James Abbott postulated that Aornos was located on the Mahaban range south of modern Buner District.
  4. One of the Ever First Coloured Photograph of the Rock of Aornos ( Shot on 17 July 1986 CE ) by Asst.
  5. Aornos ( in Punjab, on a strongly reinforced mountain spur above the narrow gorges in a bend of the upper Indus River.
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  7. Alexander the Great supposedly fought a battle against the locals there in 326 BC, at the mount Pir Sar ( see Aornos ).
  8. In the winter of 327 / 326 BC, Alexander personally led a campaign against these clans; the Aspasioi of Assakenians fled to the fortress of Aornos.
  9. The people of Bazira fled to the rock Aornos, but Alexander made Embolima ( possibly Amb ) his base, and attacked the rock from there, which was captured after a desperate resistance.
  10. The main train went into modern day Pakistan through the Khyber Pass, but a smaller force under the personal command of Alexander went through the northern route, resulting in the Siege of Aornos along the way.
  11. After reducing Aornos, Alexander crossed the Indus and fought and won an epic battle against a local ruler Bucephala, in honor of the horse who had brought him to India, who had died during the Battle of Hydaspes.
  12. The geographer Aurel Stein suggested that " Aornos " was located on Pir Sar  a mountain spur above narrow gorges in a bend of the upper Indus River, just to the west of Thakot in the Pakistani Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.
  13. He won a princess-bride named Roxane ( " Little Star " ), who was only 15, after assaulting and capturing a mountain fortress perched on a height so lofty and sheer-walled it was named " Aornos, " the " Place of No Birds ."
  14. ""'Aornos " "'( ) was the Ancient Greek name for the site of Alexander the Great's last siege : " the climax to Alexander's career as the greatest besieger in history " according to Robin Lane Fox, a biographer of Alexander.
  15. After Aornos, Alexander crossed the Indus and fought and won an epic battle against King Porus, who ruled a region lying between the Hydaspes and the Acesines ( Chenab ), in what is now the Nicaea ( Victory ), thought to be located at the site of modern-day Mong, Punjab.
  16. Aornos offered the last threat to Alexander's supply line, which stretched, dangerously vulnerable, over the Hindu Kush back to Balkh, though Arrian credits Alexander's heroic desire to outdo his kinsman Heracles, who allegedly had proved unable to take a fort that the Indo-Iranian word, such as * awarana " fortified place ".
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