aorist tense in a sentence

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  1. What relevance does the aorist tense hold for modern America?
  2. It had other tenses that I think are hard to understand, though, such as the aorist tense . ?` qN RK0?? 13 : 46, 15 October 2006 ( UTC)
  3. The indicators of this usage are that the participle typically precedes the main verb and is in the aorist tense while the main verb is in either the indicative or imperative mood ( here the imperative ).
  4. This is similar to other texts of the Byzantine text-type used in many older English Bible translations, with ?v ??? ??? instead of ?v ??? on line 5 and ?????? instead of ??????? ( present rather than aorist tense ) on line 8.
  5. It's difficult to find aorist tense in a sentence.

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