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  1. Thapsaeng was nominated Best Female Artist while Thannathorn " Aoo"
  2. The AOO is the subset of the EOO where the species actually occurs.
  3. He currently runs the team AOO / Specialized ( 2015-2016 ).
  4. The production version, the F 451 Moustique, had a AVA 4 Aoo flat twin two stroke.
  5. A month aoo $ the Lakers had people assuming that the rest of the league was playing for second place.
  6. It's difficult to find aoo in a sentence.
  7. In 1981, Alfa was appointed the Air Officer Operations ( AOO ), with the rank of air commodore.
  8. Eastmo-O } modoxy and Roman Catholicism split nearly a millennium aoo $ om-questions of theology and papal authority.
  9. After ongoing problems with unfixed vulnerabilities through 2015 and 2016, in September 2016 the project started discussions on possibly retiring AOO.
  10. Where comb designs are used, perhaps along with cord impressions they are called all-over ornamented ( AOO ) beakers.
  11. Additionally, CTF 150 Coalition ships made 11 successful at-sea rescues and made the largest drug bust in the CTF 150 AOO since 2005.
  12. After a couple of months they came out with web release of another song called " Tau Phir Aoo " with its demo version.
  13. Most of Aoo's other residents make their living by harvesting salt from Sambhar Lake, one of India's largest suppliers of iodized salt.
  14. In essence, the AOO acknowledges that there are holes in the distribution of a species within its EOO, and attempts to correct for these vacancies.
  15. In February, " O'Kane " entered the U . S . 5th Fleet Area of Operations ( AoO ) to conduct Maritime Security Operations.
  16. However, tankers operated by the state supply most of the drinking water in Aoo, located 140 kilometers ( 87 miles ) south of Jaipur, the state capital.
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