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  1. The 128 highest addresses within each / 64 subnet prefix are reserved to be used as anycast addresses.
  2. Cloudflare offers free domain name server ( DNS ) for all clients which are powered by an anycast network.
  3. The use of anycast addressing permits the actual number of root server instances to be much larger, and is 632.
  4. The modern trend is to use anycast addressing and routing to provide resilience and load balancing across a wide geographic area.
  5. OpenDNS provides the following recursive nameserver addresses for public use, mapped to the nearest operational server location by anycast routing.
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  7. The Anycast can record TX ( also referred to as'PGM') and isolated feeds to hard disk if required.
  8. The address with value 0x7e in the 7 least-significant bits is defined as a mobile IPv6 home agents anycast address.
  9. In December 2013, DNSimple migrated all the customers from Unicast to a new Anycast network composed of 5 points of presence.
  10. In Q1 2009, IPv6 backbone Hurricane Electric enabled 14 Teredo relays in an anycast implementation and advertising 2001 : : / 32 globally.
  11. One of the known hard-disks to work with the Anycast is the Maxtor One-Touch III ( 350gb & 500gb ).
  12. CloudfloorDNS specializes in Anycast DNS hosting, Secondary DNS, DNS Failover, Load Balancing, GEO DNS as well as domain registration and SSL certificates.
  13. At the top level of global DNS, thirteen groups of root name servers exist, with additional " copies " of them distributed worldwide via anycast addressing.
  14. DHTs form an infrastructure that can be used to build more complex services, such as anycast, cooperative Tox instant messenger, Freenet and the YaCy search engine.
  15. Additionally, all ( except B-Root ) operate in multiple geographical locations using a routing technique called anycast addressing, providing increased performance and even more fault tolerance.
  16. Providers willing to provide 6to4 service to their clients or peers should advertise the anycast prefix like any other IP prefix, and route the prefix to their 6to4 relay.
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