anybodys in a sentence

"anybodys" in Chinese  
  1. Anybodys arrives and warns them that Chino is now after Tony.
  2. That does not make me anybodys puppet.
  3. Anyway, such things can be easily changed to anybodys liking; changing does not constitute complete content removal.
  4. The biggest Anybodys were the players, ex-players, coaches and owners that make up the league's elite.
  5. :I find it worrying, that you completely misunderstand the GDFL . It protects my, your and anybodys intellectual property on a fair manner.
  6. It's difficult to find anybodys in a sentence.
  7. Angy, lucky, proud and so on, much animal species gets it well, some from long distance, when even hear anybodys voice.
  8. WIMBLEDON, England _ Everybody who was anybody _ at least those few anybodys who were still around _ played Monday on what's arguably the greatest day this sport has to offer.
  9. He regards Senator Kerry's service in Vietnam as noble service, " campaign spokesman Steve Schmidt said . " John Kerry's campaign is the only campaign that has attacked anybodys'service in the Vietnam era.

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