anybody in a sentence

"anybody" meaning  "anybody" in Chinese  
  1. If anybody needed help, he would go to his aid.
  2. The truth is, you never knew if he knew anybody.
  3. Anybody who says he hasn't is telling a lie.
  4. "Don't let anybody fool you,"
  5. "He doesn't want anybody in his world.
  6. It's difficult to find anybody in a sentence.
  7. My guys have done as well as anybody in the league,
  8. I don't think anybody can answer that ."
  9. Does anybody seriously believe that this staged circus is anything special?
  10. They should hear it before anybody reads it in the paper.
  11. I'll act stupid in front of anybody ."
  12. If anybody had a chance, they should have been here.
  13. Anybody coming here should step out in London's footpaths.
  14. Anybody who says I wanted a head coaching job is wrong,
  15. If anybody else does it, he's a cop.
  16. Is anybody worried about the burden Murdoch has placed on them?
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