anybody else in a sentence

"anybody else" in Chinese  
  1. This arrangement would work perfectly for a grandchild or anybody else.
  2. So that means we need to be lower than anybody else.
  3. He should catch more balls than anybody else on the offense.
  4. I guarantee none of these guys know Marcus from anybody else.
  5. I think this game meant more to her than anybody else.
  6. It's difficult to find anybody else in a sentence.
  7. She seemed to trust me a little more than anybody else.
  8. And they wanted me from Day One more than anybody else.
  9. Dad was never one to shuck the blame on anybody else,
  10. Eddie probably played better than anybody else in the first game,
  11. Macdonald : I think I had more costumes than anybody else.
  12. I never found anybody else I wanted to be married to.
  13. Their sequential growth is still greater than anybody else out there,
  14. Is anybody else puzzled about the Army and Navy these days?
  15. And none of wants to see this happen to anybody else.
  16. What really counts is seizing an unusual opportunity before anybody else.
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