antique brass in a sentence

"antique brass" in Chinese  
  1. Or I find a glass shade for an antique brass lamp.
  2. Keep the brass polished, or let it tarnish to an " antique brass ."
  3. Q . My antique brass trivet has tarnished badly.
  4. The handyuman does that with his solid brass items, and they look like antique brass.
  5. Designers go into spasms when they see antique brass.
  6. It's difficult to find antique brass in a sentence.
  7. These are available in onyx black, antique brass, or mesh black shells depending on model.
  8. An antique brass double bed from an old Chicago hotel circa 1875 is the focal point.
  9. Even antiqued brass is making a comeback.
  10. Our room had an antique brass bed, vaulted skylight, gas fireplace, clawfoot tub and a modern shower.
  11. The antique brass and glass octagonal fixture?
  12. Today, most are a combination of wrought-iron and polished brass or antique brass, which has a duller finish.
  13. I started as an amateur, after my father gave me an antique brass spyglass from a whaling ship.
  14. Q . I have to strip an antique brass and iron bed where the paint is badly peeling.
  15. That means you can probably buy an antiques brass bed today for less money than 30 years ago.
  16. A more subtle scroll design appears in relief on the antiqued brass feet of a leather sofa at Councill.
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