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  1. They have previously released recordings with Antique Beat, Kindercore Records, Dreamy Records, Bambini Records, PIAS Recordings and Motorway Records.
  2. Antique Beat produce and curate various arts and literary events including'Salon for the City','32 Londoners'and'London Month of the Dead '.
  3. In November 2015, the London publishing company Antique Beat and UK label Earth Recordings released'Film Music'a three album set of music by Tariverdiev-the first major release of his work in the West.
  4. In November 2015, his publishing company Antique Beat and Earth Recordings released'Film Music'a three album set of music by the Russian film composer Mikael Tariverdiev a project Coates had been working since he first heard the composer's music in Moscow in 2011.
  5. "' The Real Tuesday Weld "'are a British band, founded by lead singer and producer Stephen Coates in 1999 . They are known for producing jazzy cabaret-style music with subtle electronica influences, a style dubbed "'" Antique Beat " "'by Coates.
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