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  1. Preparing anticorrosion paint with eva modified polystyrene foam
  2. When it is used as an anticorrosion paint , one coat of chlorinated rubber antirust paint should be applied on it
  3. As anticorrosion paint for ship bottom , container exteriors and bottom , underground pipes and steel products
  4. Practical implications - calcium titanate can be utilised for the preparation of anticorrosion paints to protect metal bases from corrosion
  5. Paints and varnishes - anticorrosion paint systems - stability in the time of the colorimetric properties of a finishing coat for a metallic structure - part 1 : criterias of requirement
  6. It's difficult to find anticorrosion paint in a sentence.
  7. Paints and varnishes . anticorrosion paint systems . stability in the time of the colorimetric properties of a finishing coat for a metallic structure . part 2 : measurement on metallic structure in use
  8. And the rusted coating and the long acting heavy corrosion protection are hard to achieve at the same time . to this kind of situation , for many years , we successfully developed the th - 98 heavy anticorrosion painting for ultralow surface treatment
  9. Inorfil flame retardant coating for jet plane , zinc silicate primer , high temperature resistant coating , anticorrosion painting of epoxy asphalt glass squama , top - grade interior and exterior wall coating , ultralow surface treatment coating , industrial terrace coating , ethyl silicate
  10. Usage : for making pitch felt , construction waterproof course , high - grade pitch paint etc , and it is also the material for making pitch tar or retarded tar and modified pitch , it is the bond for making mould coal ( coal ball ) and carbon material , timber anticorrosion paint and road pavement
  11. The anticorrosion painting is one of the key products of our factory . the th - 1 and th - 2 type zinc silicate coating for marine type obtain the ship examination certificate of classification society , the th - 22 type modified epoxy pitch glass squama coating obtains the ccs ship examination certificate
  12. The company founds " the chinese anticorrosion equipment net " this year , establishes the nationwide anticorrosion equipment and complete transaction platform , making up the insufficiency our of existing " the chinese anticorrosion network " , " the chinese chemical industry corrosion preventing technology association " , " china anticorrosion painting equipment net " in our country . the objective of " the chinese anticorrosion equipment net " is to provide a platform for anticorrosion equipment , technical , talent transaction , gathering the anticorrosion equipment production essence , attracting user communities unit , impelling anticorrosion equipments development of our country

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