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  1. "It's an anticorporate statement ."
  2. Exactly how he reconciles anticorporate with directing Gap ads is anybody's guess.
  3. Anticorporate films are only seemingly subversive.
  4. These older buildings became popular with startup high-technology ventures, which appreciated their ostensibly anticorporate esthetic.
  5. Spurlock's answer, emphatically anticorporate on its surface, is perhaps more ambiguous than it seems.
  6. It's difficult to find anticorporate in a sentence.
  7. "All snow boarders say they're anticorporate, " said Megan Kleinheinz, a Colorado college student and snow boarder.
  8. Now the newspaper that was as anticorporate as any in the country has become the flagship of a corporation bearing its name : Village Voice Media.
  9. Hanley, whose KTCA was the first affiliate to climb on board, denies that PBS has a problem with the show's anticorporate content.
  10. In effect, he has created an art-world companion piece to Mike Judge's wonderful anticorporate comedy, " Office Space ."
  11. But he scoffed at the effort, saying it was merely helping him communicate his anticorporate, pro-third-party message to disenchanted, disengaged voters.
  12. Perhaps he gets away with his strong anticorporate and pro-union politics because he's a jokey fat guy with Woody Allen-ish wardrobe and demeanor.
  13. "The Inheritance, " the second movie in a trilogy by Fly exploring different social strata in Denmark, is much too canny to be a glib anticorporate screed.
  14. Jose Bove, a sheep farmer turned anticorporate crusader who is accused of trashing a McDonald's restaurant in the south of France, has become something of a celebrity.
  15. Traditionally, campus activists could register all their political views with the strident pull of a single lever _ leftist, anticorporate, neoconservative _ and have every issue line up just so.
  16. Amid the thousands of antiwar, pro-environment, and anticorporate protesters flocking to Boston to push the Democrats leftward, a much lonelier battle is being fought by Swindell and a few small bands of demonstrators on the right.
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