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  1. Young used a tracking antenna until he found the apartment building.
  2. But an auxiliary antenna on board the spacecraft continues to function.
  3. Rivera went, examined the antennas and listened to the explanations.
  4. The compact antenna folds discreetly on the back of the frame.
  5. The TV is made of chocolate and the antenna is licorice.
  6. It's difficult to find antenna in a sentence.
  7. With digital TV, the antenna only costs about $ 75.
  8. Smaller antenna can be and have been mounted on smaller vehicles.
  9. You just need to have your antenna hooked to your PC.
  10. Nationwide, about 25, 000 antennas are beaming calls now.
  11. Out here in the country, we need boosters and antennas.
  12. Raytheon's earlier contract with Motorola was for 80 antennas.
  13. He's got a whirlpool and parabolic antenna ."
  14. Another antenna near the passenger door would watch who gets on.
  15. And we have a better antenna on this than white people.
  16. Yet the Lehmans are determined to be rid of the antenna.
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