antenna 3 in a sentence

  1. Abdallah Shami, the leader of the Islamic Jihad told the Spanish TV station Antenna 3 on Sunday.
  2. Maurizio Mosca is then passed to conduct a television football program popular in Lombardy broadcast on Antenna 3.
  3. In December 2006 he left Italia 7 Gold and moved to Telelombardia and Antenna 3, where he is a sports commentator.
  4. Westinghouse bought Telenoticias from a consortium of owners that included Reuters Holdings PLC, Artear of Argentina, Antenna 3 International of Spain and Telemundo News Network.
  5. The explosion shortly after 3 p . m . ( 1400 GMT ) in the southern neighborhood of Vallecas also destroyed several cars, Antenna 3 television reported.
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  7. Antenna 3 was one of the first Italian private tv stations, born once the state monopoly on television broadcasting was ended by the little TV station Telebiella.
  8. The May 11, 2005, Mosca was present as guest on the program " Carta Straccia " aired on Antenna 3 and conducted by Roberto Poletti.
  9. It formed part of the singers of the program " To the letter " of Antenna 3, beside Sandra Polop, Mercedes Dur醤 and Carles Torregosa.
  10. Asensio, chairman of the private Antenna 3 TV channel and the Grupo Zeta publishing group, says he was threatened shortly after signing a pact with Spanish media conglomerate Grupo Prisa.
  11. During the seventies Enzo Tortora was the co-founder of Telebiella the first Italian free TV station that broke the state monopoly of TV broadcasting, and later of telealtomilanese and Antenna 3 Lombardia.
  12. In the mid-1970s they focused on theatre, and between late 1970s and early 1980s their populatity revamped thanks to a number of Antenna 3 and Fininvest television shows they took part in.
  13. At the time, Shami told the Spanish TV station Antenna 3 that if it wasn't for Clinton's huge security detail, he would kill the president during his stay in Gaza.
  14. Although Russo began her career as an actress, she continued to work as a showgirl in nightclubs and in 1978 Russo host with Ettore Andenna in the TV show " La bustarella " aired on Antenna 3 Lombardia.
  15. The last night of Mercero's four-year " Farmacia de Guardia " ( Night Pharmacy ) drew a record 11.5 million viewers to the private Antenna 3 in a country of 40 million.
  16. In 2016 he participates in the Antenna 3 series " Searching Of North " ( Buscando el norte ) Official website ( Looking for the North ) and in the feature film " Amaranth " directed by Mark Schoonmaker.
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