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  1. Antenen gave no further details and declined to specify the charges.
  2. Antenen said prisoners are not handcuffed while they are in the cells.
  3. Stromeyer had not posted bail, Antenen said on Monday.
  4. Antenen said that that was not how it worked.
  5. But Police Department Deputy Commissioner Tom Antenen denied that.
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  7. Antenen said the copy would be removed from the display case as evidence.
  8. Deputy Commissioner Thomas Antenen, a police spokesman, said the department was investigating.
  9. Antenen said the allegation that Kimes was in escape mode reached jail officials Monday.
  10. Ms . Antenen led the way into an area that had escaped the fire altogether.
  11. Police spokesman Tom Antenen said his department was informed by the FBI the same day.
  12. Antenen was selected as the Swiss Sports Personality of the Year in 1966 and 1971.
  13. Antenen said the jail records did not necessarily mean that the inmates were shackled during labor.
  14. Salley was charged with assault and has been reclassified as a violent inmate, Antenen said.
  15. His beef taco lunch was prepared with minimal sodium for his diabetic condition, Antenen said.
  16. Burke was suspended without pay, pending the ruling on the charges against him, Antenen said.
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