another in a sentence

"another" meaning  "another" in Chinese  
  1. Both sides eventually agreed on new contracts without another work stoppage.
  2. It doesn't make a statement one way or another.
  3. "I'm asking for another gardener ."
  4. Boztepe and his wife alerted another neighbor, who called 911.
  5. Phone Fred and Barney and throw another brontosaurus on the barbie.
  6. It's difficult to find another in a sentence.
  7. Maybe they should have found another way to solve this problem.
  8. Now, I think, there is another million for Ilie.
  9. Whether he should be directing his own script is another question.
  10. Another rule, then, is never dive or swim alone.
  11. The markets are wary of another rate increase by the Fed.
  12. But he latched quickly upon another memory from his Arkansas youth.
  13. The other quarterfinal game involves another pair of impressive European teams.
  14. Another first in the U . S . Olympic Festival experience.
  15. Initiative supporters said they faced another unexpected hurdle : voter disinterest.
  16. Gary Glebas, another teacher, calculates grades in dollar figures.
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