ankh morpork in a sentence

  1. Despite this, being related to Nobby is not seen as a good thing in Ankh Morpork.
  2. In " I Shall Wear Midnight ", Tiffany Aching travels to Ankh Morpork and discovers a number of witches there.
  3. Returning to the city of Ankh Morpork he meets up with Windle Poons, finally taking him to his just reward, whatever it is.
  4. One of the buzzards, Morag, owned by Officer Buggy Swires of the Ankh Morpork City Watch was trained by the Feegles, for the price of several crates of strong liquor.
  5. In " Making Money ", Groat was left in charge as acting-Postmaster General while Moist von Lipwig assumed his de facto position as chairman of the Royal Bank of Ankh Morpork.
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  7. Meanwhile, the senior wizards and Ponder Stibbons in Ankh Morpork's Unseen University are trying to find a cure for the Librarian's magical malady contracted from his work in the UU's magical library.
  8. This incident was reported in The Ankh Morpork Times, and a widow approached him, swayed by'a man who knows his hygiene .'It is now believed that they are enjoying a relationship, as she was seen walking with him.
  9. His personalities'voted'to decide whether to act as street vendors of " The Ankh Morpork Times " ( in " The Truth " ) and Andrews held up five fingers to indicate the outcome of his personalities'decision.
  10. Actually the first one to comment about including Morsi's reaction there was Ankh Morpork when you had already warned Sayerslle about the 1RR . So writing that he didn't edit the article talk is not very conclusive . talk ) 18 : 12, 18 November 2012 ( UTC)
  11. It can also recognise handwriting ( a reference to the Apple Newton ) but can't understand it; it also claims to be able to tell you what the time is in Klatch, but obviously this is not very useful as they are made in Ankh Morpork, and don't know what time it is anywhere else.
  12. At some point between " Thud ! " and " Making Money ", Vetinari begins planning for a phenomenal redevelopment project of Ankh Morpork titled'The Undertaking'& ndash; this seems to have been inspired by the discovery in " Thud ! " of an ancient perpetual motion engine & ndash; a twin of one which according to Carrot Ironfoundersson powers all of the machinery in one of the largest mines in Uberwald.
  13. The problem appears to be that, from viewing the edit history of the TZM article over the last 2 years, and from your ( legitimate, and properly worded ) question regarding my past history, and from a recent comment by Zazaban on the Outline of automation accusing the TZM entry of propaganda [ side note : if memory serves me right, that entry was written by the administrator for the outline project, not me ], based on this evidence, I believe that you, Zazaban, OpenFuture, Bob Rayner, Tom harrison, Ankh Morpork, and other editors, all of whom only have the best intentions and are all motivated to protect our readers from bias and propaganda, are, probably not entirely unjustifiably, deeply suspicious of any new editor trying to develop the article in the interest of our readers based on verifiable citations from reliable secondary sources, and instead ( as I said, not without merit ), these editors ( including you, and again, please don't take this as a personal attack ) almost automatically suspect all such development efforts as an attempt to develop the article in the interest of TZM propaganda.

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