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  1. It was filmed for the MTV special " Animalize Live ".
  2. This was later released as the band's first home video, ( " Animalize Live Uncensored " ).
  3. Mark St . John performed on " Animalize ", before Bruce Kulick replaced him after the album's release.
  4. Three songs from " Animalize " were played, and many of the band's more popular songs were performed.
  5. The marginalizing of these groups is even evident in the gendered language used to describe nature and the animalized language used to describe women.
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  7. Critics and longtime fans, however, criticized the band's continued move towards a glam rock style on " Animalize ".
  8. As suggested by its title, " Animalize Live Uncensored " features plenty of profane onstage banter from singer / guitarist Paul Stanley.
  9. He played on the band's " Animalize " album and a few dates on the subsequent tour before being replaced by Bruce Kulick.
  10. Written by vocalist / guitarist Paul Stanley and songwriter Desmond Child, it was the first single released from the group's 1984 album " Animalize ".
  11. He is also the only Kiss member not to appear on any album front cover, since the " Animalize " cover only features a tapestry of animal prints.
  12. When asked what'Animalize'meant, Stanley said that people were starting to become more like computers and that " making music by pressing buttons " was no fun.
  13. During the American leg of their tour, they were the opening act for Kiss on their 1984 85 Animalize Tour and Iron Maiden on their 1984 85 World Slavery Tour.
  14. The European staging was essentially the Unmasked Tour stage, decorated to resemble the " Animalize " album cover ( amps painted with leopard spots and tiger stripes ).
  15. Valo first became interested in music at the age of eight, when he bought the album " Animalize " by national military service, on the account that he suffers from asthma.
  16. People in many cultures do not like to be reminded of the connection between animals and meat, and tend to " de-animalize " meat when necessary to reduce feelings of guilt or of disgust.
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