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  1. Our immediate instincts are simpler, more childlike or even animalistic.
  2. According to Lactantius, Galerius was a brutal, animalistic man.
  3. She suddenly hears screams for help and strange animalistic sounds outside.
  4. It was also meant to sound as animalistic as possible.
  5. West's answer to this, ironically, is also animalistic.
  6. It's difficult to find animalistic in a sentence.
  7. They thought it was OK to represent her in these animalistic terms,
  8. "It's almost like an animalistic behavior.
  9. The first stage is called the animalistic stage of development.
  10. The films depict the centaurs with very bestial, animalistic facial features.
  11. Parts of Dobson s physicality reverbate with notions of black animalistic imagery.
  12. Braddock becomes more animalistic yet struggles to maintain his humanity.
  13. Kodiak later both lost the ability to change and became totally animalistic.
  14. There were more religious and animalistic riddles than obscene riddles.
  15. He was also much more animalistic, as he did not speak.
  16. Blanka fights in a self-taught, animalistic style.
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