animaliers in a sentence

  1. He also exhibited at the Salon des Animaliers after 1913.
  2. Mene was a member of the Animaliers, a French group dedicated to the depiction of animals,
  3. In contrast with other animaliers of the period such are silvered patinas being the most desirable and sought after by collectors.
  4. These early studies helped propel him to the position of one of the most sought after and respected animaliers of his day.
  5. Antwerp " animaliers " or animal painters, such as Frans Snyders, Jan Fyt and Paul de Vos dominated this speciality in Europe for at least the first half of the century.
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  7. "' Alexander Phimister Proctor "'( September 27, 1860 & ndash; September 4, 1950 ) was an sculptor with the contemporary reputation as one of the nation's foremost animaliers.
  8. "' Auguste Nicholas Ca飊 "'( 10 November 1821 & ndash; 6 August 1894 ) was a noted French sculptor in the Animaliers school, known for his portrayals of wild and domesticated animals.
  9. 蓃ic Alibert received the gold medal of the " artistes animaliers fran鏰is ( ( ref . ) ), has been awarded by the Fondation de la Vocation and is member of the U . S . Guild of Natural Science Illustrators.

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