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  1. Fran鏾is Pompon was a pioneer of modern stylized animalier sculpture.
  2. It was sculpted and cast by New York City animalier Eli Harvey.
  3. Tourgueneff was a student of the famous French animalier sculptor Emmanuel Fr閙iet.
  4. Gabron was also a gifted animalier and often included living animals in his still life scenes.
  5. He was also a noted animalier, producing works such as the " Lion of Aspern " in Vienna.
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  7. Inspired by the painter Rosa Bonheur, she decided to become an animalier and began drawing animals at the Philadelphia Zoo.
  8. An Animalier at heart, Letts draws his inspiration from many other great American painters as well, including Martin Johnson Heade.
  9. Bronzes by Delabri鑢re and fellow animalier and countryman Jules Moigniez were popular in Britain and the United States in the late 19th century.
  10. Isidore Bonheur, the younger brother of Rosa Bonheur, is known as one of the 19th century's most distinguished French animalier sculptors.
  11. Like his master, he could be categorized among the animalier sculptors because of his models of horses and dogs and his affiliation with Fr閙iet.
  12. "' Frederick George Richard Roth "'( 1872  1944 ) was an sculptor and animalier, well known for portraying living animals.
  13. "' Jules Moigniez "'( 28 May 1835  29 May 1894 ) was a French animalier sculptor who worked during the 19th century.
  14. He studied in Prague with sculptor Josef V醕lav Myslbek before moving to Expressive symbolist style, was a noted animalier as well as being known for his decorative sculpture.
  15. Among his students were Joseph-Marius Ramus, Jean-Jacques Feuch鑢e, Pierre-Charles Simart, Jean-Auguste Barre, and the animalier Pierre Louis Rouillard.
  16. Navin was buried in Holy Sepulchre Cemetery in Southfield, Michigan where the family mausoleum was decorated by Corrado Parducci and is guarded by two tigers by American animalier Frederick Roth.
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