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  1. The virtual state argument is quite orthogonal to the anharmonic oscillator argument.
  2. The best known example is the sextic QES anharmonic oscillator with the Hamiltonian
  3. Anharmonic oscillators, however, are characterized by the nonlinear dependence of the restorative force on the displacement x.
  4. The method proved too difficult to immediately apply to realistic problems, so Heisenberg turned to a simpler example, the anharmonic oscillator.
  5. A distinguishing feature of superconducting quantum circuits is the usage of a Josephson junction-an electrical element non existent in anharmonic oscillators.
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  7. As a result of the nonlinearity of anharmonic oscillators, the vibration frequency can change, depending upon the system's displacement.
  8. There are many systems throughout the physical world that can be modeled as anharmonic oscillators in addition to the nonlinear mass-spring system.
  9. For example, equipartition of kT / 2 does not pertain to an anharmonic oscillator that contributes quadratic and higher-order terms to the energy, right?
  10. Those authors had observed long-time nearly recurrent behavior of a one-dimensional chain of anharmonic oscillators, in contrast to the rapid thermalization that had been expected.
  11. Pulsed lasers are most often used because TPA is a third-order nonlinear optical process, and therefore is most efficient at very high anharmonic oscillator model for depicting vibrational behavior of molecules.
  12. An anharmonic oscillator ( in contrast to a simple harmonic oscillator ) is one in which the potential energy is not quadratic in the extension " q " ( the generalized position which measures the deviation of the system from equilibrium ).
  13. In the paper, Heisenberg tried to explain the energy levels of a one-dimensional anharmonic oscillator, avoiding the concrete but unobservable representations of electron orbits by using observable parameters such as transition probabilities for quantum jumps, which necessitated using two indexes corresponding to the initial and final states.
  14. Further examples of anharmonic oscillators include the large-angle pendulum; nonequilibrium semiconductors that possess a large hot carrier population, which exhibit nonlinear behaviors of various types related to the effective mass of the carriers; and ionospheric plasmas, which also exhibit nonlinear behavior based on the anharmonicity of the plasma.
  15. In his work a simple example of an anharmonic oscillator evolving under the force of the form as a superposition of incoherent sinusoidal oscillations with continuous spectrum was used to show that depending on a specific approximation time scale the evolution of the system can be either deterministic, or a stochastic process satisfying Fokker-Planck equation, or even a process which is neither deterministic nor stochastic.

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