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  1. It is near to Angul, 5 km from district headquarters.
  2. Following this, the Tributary Raja of Angul betrayed Dora.
  3. Its length is about 16 km in between Angul and Dashapalla boundary.
  4. Pallahara is one of the subdivisional headquarters in Angul district.
  5. Angul railway station has an electric loco shed of East Coast Railway.
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  7. It is situated almost in the middle of the district of Angul.
  8. Boinda is a small town in Angul district of Odisha, India.
  9. Angul was divided into number of small feudals and all chieftains were independent.
  10. These are Angul, Talcher, Pallahara and Athamallik.
  11. He moved from place to place and at last sought refuge at Angul.
  12. Angul has a few good educational and technical institutions.
  13. Nearest airport to this airstrip is Savitri Jindal Airport in Angul, Odisha.
  14. The city of Angul is the district headquarters.
  15. The government named the area Angul in 1896.
  16. The statue of king Somanath Singh Jagadev is situated at the heart of Angul city.
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