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  1. Anguita Parrado, 32, was embedded with that division.
  2. Julio Anguita Parrado : El Mundo ( Spain ), April 7.
  3. Anguita is located in the Sistema Ib閞ico below Sierra Ministra.
  4. Anguita also said the party had supported labor reforms opposed by the coalition.
  5. Anguita Parrado was killed during his first war assignment.
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  7. He founded the magazine Vital / Ombligo with Omar C醕eres and Eduardo Anguita.
  8. The nearest towns are Anguita to the west and Maranch髇 to the east.
  9. Support for Anguita and the IU has been growing as disenchantment with Gonzalez mounts.
  10. Reports suggested the defeat could force its communist leader Julio Anguita to step down.
  11. Anguita did not attend the congress Friday.
  12. Sistiaga said he and his colleagues had dedicated the award to Couso and Anguita Parrado.
  13. United Left leader Julio Anguita said.
  14. The coalition comprises dozens of regional parties centered around the Spanish Communist Party led by Anguita.
  15. He was the son of Julio Anguita, former leader of the leftist Izquierda Unida coalition.
  16. In the catalogue there were articles and poems by the poets Eduardo Anguita and Julio Molina.
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