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  1. He hears the child's anguished mother plead on television for her son's safety.
  2. Another anguished mother said : " They're just little boys.
  3. The parent conventions allow anguished mothers and fathers to take matters into their own hands.
  4. TV footage showed mud-covered bodies laid out in common areas, where anguished mothers wept for their children.
  5. When the Taliban fled the capital, the anguished mother believes, they forced 16-year-old Nargis to go with them.
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  7. Among them : Lee Grant as Nick's anguished mother; Marlee Matlin, the understanding sister; George Segal, the father who had rejected Nick.
  8. By the time the last anguished mother anatomizes her final bit of unhappiness, one begins to envy the fate of those dead sons.
  9. In that staging, Metcalf's part as the anguished mother, Kate Keller, was played by English actress Julie Walters ( " Billy Elliot " ).
  10. Freedman of the Westchester County libraries said that an anguished mother had confronted him about her children's potential exposure to pornography in the library.
  11. This was clung to as a blessing by Elizalde's anguished mother, Lynette, who at first had harbored the desperate fear that her son had died alone.
  12. But since the violence was renewed in September 2000, anguished mothers have again been heard vowing after a son's death to replace him with another to fight on.
  13. The most popular television soap opera, " Klan, " portrays women in common roles _ the betrayed wife, anguished mother searching for her son, inexperienced girl seduced by a married man.
  14. "There are no words to describe the magnitude of the frustration we feel, " said Michelle de Leal, spokeswoman for Guatemala's Anguished Mothers, a group formed following the country's recent wave of brutal kidnappings.
  15. Court records show that Carlton Conley, who is apparently the biological father of one of the girls, last year beat Paula Johnson, the anguished mother who in a press conference this week told her story to the world.
  16. And as candles flickered over flowers banked in a makeshift shrine on the doorstep, an anguished mother, Juanita Young, insisted that her son's death was more than a terrible accident, and could not be justified by his criminal record.
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