angle cut in a sentence

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  1. Clean the bottom leaves, and cut the stem, with an angled cut,
  2. Check joints and surfaces for squareness, and draw lines for right-angle cuts.
  3. Then I was told that I have to back-angle cut the clapboards.
  4. Shell end cutters are used for large flat surfaces and for angle cuts.
  5. Finish the ends of ribbon with an angled cut or an inverted V.
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  7. If you have to make an angled cut, use the saw.
  8. David Kelly, northwest Atlanta : Mow in opposite directions and in overlapping, angle cuts.
  9. Table-tilting enables angled cuts to be made precisely and easily.
  10. Make an angled cut on the underside of the shoot.
  11. Angled cuts are harder to make, requiring deeper scoring.
  12. When pruning, make 45-degree-angle cuts just above the nodes.
  13. The camera angle cut off his hands so television viewers didn't see him make an obscene gesture.
  14. Cut the replacement board to length, with the same angle cut you made on the existing board.
  15. It is, however, an eight sided building with a 45-degree angle cut into each of the four corners.
  16. The benefit is the larger ring gear, better angle cut on the teeth and Dana 60 diameter pinion shaft.
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