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  1. The typical optimizing criterion of triangulation is max - min angle criteria , but it has some restriction when applying in three dimensions . we proposed some amelioration by taking into consider the relationship of points and their neighbors . that can make the triangulation ' s space variation more even , and can reach the surface fairness request
  2. Based on data cloud , which is measured from 3 - coordinate measuring machine ( cmm ) or so , an algorithm to search lopological structure from 3d unorganized points using envelopment - box technology is proposed in this thesis . based on this method , we searching neighbor points of sampling point . we also improve the max - min angle criteria to realize local triangulation , and then get the normal of sampling point from the triangulation
  3. After research surface reconstruction with triangular facets , contours of first layer and the last layer are triangulated with layer separation algorithm firstly . and then the least polar - angle criterion is presented for linking two convex contours , and the method is also given in which non - convex contour is transformed to a set of convex contour . with the splitting and integrating algorithm , the single - to - multi - contour reconstruction with triangular facet has been simplified to one - to - one contour
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