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  1. A typical SCR based light dimmer which dims the light through phase angle control.
  2. In phase angle control, thyristors are used to halve the voltage cycle during input.
  3. This disengages his hand wheels, and gives train angle control to the Fire Control System.
  4. This angle controls the speed of the wave crest.
  5. The High Angle Control System and Fuze Keeping Clock were used for gunnery control against aircraft.
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  7. There were also high side forces which resulted from yaw and weak propeller blade pitch angle controls.
  8. The flying-off platform on'B'turret was reinstated and a high-angle control position ( HACP ) was added to the fore-top.
  9. The anti-aircraft guns were controlled by a high-angle control system mounted on the very top of the forward superstructure.
  10. Adjusting the shutter angle controls the proportion of time that the film is exposed to light during each frame interval.
  11. The "'Fuze Keeping Clock ( FKC ) "'was a simplified version of the Royal Navy's High Angle Control System analogue fire control computer.
  12. Both of them were relatively fast ships compared to the slower High Angle Control System although it was largely inoperable during the battle.
  13. A single High Angle Control System director was fitted on the island and another on an elevated mount on the former flying-off deck.
  14. The console consisting of a vertical display panel about high by about long with a similarly sized slightly angled control panel below it.
  15. Since furling requires acting against the torque on the blade, it requires some form of pitch angle control, which is achieved with a slewing drive.
  16. So-called right-angle controls, which are mounted to the steering column and require a downward motion to activate, are generally considered the least complicated and most comfortable.
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