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  1. The High Angle Control System and Fuze Keeping Clock were used for gunnery control against aircraft.
  2. Both of them were relatively fast ships compared to the slower High Angle Control System although it was largely inoperable during the battle.
  3. The anti-aircraft guns were controlled by a high-angle control system mounted on the very top of the forward superstructure.
  4. A single High Angle Control System director was fitted on the island and another on an elevated mount on the former flying-off deck.
  5. The early RN High Angle Control System ( HACS ) I through IV and the early Fuze Keeping Clock ( FKC ) were examples of non-tachometric systems.
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  7. The "'Fuze Keeping Clock ( FKC ) "'was a simplified version of the Royal Navy's High Angle Control System analogue fire control computer.
  8. A single High-Angle Control System would have been fitted to control these guns, but the dockyard was overwhelmed with other work and couldn't begin to design the changes until July 1938.
  9. Four prototype QF 4-inch Mark XV High-Angle Control System anti-aircraft directors, one Mark II on the fore-top and a Mark I * mounted on a pedestal above the rear superstructure.
  10. The ship was equipped with two HACS ( High Angle Control System ) island and each " pom-pom " mount had its own director as well . and each HACS director was fitted with a Type 285 gunnery radar.
  11. "' High Angle Control System "'( "'HACS "') was a deflection required to place an explosive shell in the location of a target flying at a known height, bearing and speed.
  12. During the 1929 31 refit, a High-Angle Control System ( HACS ) Mark I director was added on the rear searchlight platform and two positions for 2-pounder " pom-pom " anti-aircraft directors were added at the rear of the spotting top, although only one director was initially fitted.

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