angle change in a sentence

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  1. As the viewing angle changes, the lighting angle must also change.
  2. Fast zooms and camera angle changes are used in parts of the video.
  3. A pivot on the rack let the slide's angle change freely.
  4. As it moves around, the camera angle changes to reveal the new obstacles.
  5. A motion in which the second Euler angle changes is called " nutation ".
  6. It's difficult to find angle change in a sentence.
  7. The viewing angles changed throughout the year as the sun's elevation in the sky changed.
  8. "When Bobby became available, our wide angle changed to a very narrow-focused lens, " he said.
  9. The rear suspension consists of a toe angle changes, which increases the stability of the handling.
  10. The figure shows how the sign of the sine function varies as the angle changes quadrant.
  11. No angle changes sign at all.
  12. Binding makes the reflection angle change;
  13. On the June 17 episode of " SmackDown ! ", Angle changed the match to an elimination match.
  14. However, Soderbergh works hard, using clever camera moves, angle changes, light and shadow play to spark up the proceedings.
  15. The lighting and camera angle changed several times, suggesting that cuts were stitched together in the 30-minute videotaped speech.
  16. Since the beam is no longer traveling the full optical path length to the floor, its reflected angle changes.
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