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  1. Against Lopes'Brewers, he finally got one and sent a line drive screaming toward the high, angled brick wall in right-center at Pac Bell Park.
  2. Low level, angled brick walls create the altar rail and the elevated pulpit is located in the south-east corner of the chancel behind a curved face brick wall.
  3. The street level and mezzanine stories are accentuated by a stringcourse at the cornice line, with the cornice line accentuated by angled bricks to give a dentil effect.
  4. The influence of the Dutch who, under the leadership of the engineer Vermuyden, came to drain the Fens, can be seen in several of Over's older houses & ndash; The Old Black Horse in the High Street and the Ivy House in Fen End are the most obvious, with their rounded end-walls and angled brick-ties.
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